Become a OneNote Ninja to Master your Projects

MS OneNote is a powerful project management tool and it’s free

OneNote is not just great for taking notes and creating to-do lists. Projects can easily be organized across notebooks and shared with all project stakeholders for collaboration.

10 Essentials for a Foolproof Project Management Checklist

You can find all OneNote templates mentioned and the project management checklist here.

You need a clear vision for your projects

Define your projects objectives, goals and scope with a project charter and/or executive summary.

Then you need to convince stakeholders and clients

You need to create a project proposal which you can use to convince sponsors, stakeholders and/or clients the project needs.

Strategic planning is key to success

You can use strategic planning and S.W.O.T. templates to define your vision, mission, values, goals with all the projects strategic details.

Manage your resources

To schedule your projects you need to determine the roles, people, and skills needed.

To keep everyone in the loop you need to communicate

A project status report is used to update the project team, sponsors or stakeholders on how the project is progressing so everyone is informed.

Visualize all weekly tasks in an easy-to-understand way

The best way to visualize complex information is with a timeline.

The best way to deal with change is in a positive way

Using an issue management template tool lets you deal with, and keep track of, any issues as they occur.

To avoid problems you need to identify risks early in your projects

Use risk management to assess and manage risks in a pro-active manner to minimize the impact of any possible problem or threat.

Assess the success of your project

The project closure report assesses the success of the project and lessons learned.

See what worked and what not

Analyze the elements of the project that were successful or unsuccessful with a project post-mortem template.

The benefits of proper project management are:

  • Better chance of getting the desired result
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Prioritize your resources and be more efficient and productive
  • Be in control of the project from the start
  • Stay on top of schedule and costs
  • Keep all stakeholders in the loop
  • Gain competitive advantage
  • And you save time and money