Organize your next Vacation with OneNote

Planning your vacation helps you see and do more … so plan the details and enjoy the rest!

Use OneNote to map out your travel details in the cloud for a hassle-free vacation – and access it anytime, anywhere on any device supported by OneNote.

Here’s a foolproof guide for easy vacation planning

Be Prepared

Create a OneNote notebook with to-do checklists weeks before, days before and the day you travel – so nothing is left to chance.

  • Weeks before – take care of the “big ticket” essentials which can take time to arrange (like Visas, passports and vaccinations etc if you travel overseas) – so get onto them ASAP.
  • Days before – double check everything for a smooth, stress free experience.
  • On the travel day – make sure all necessary documents, money, gadgets and medical supplies are safe but accessible.

Have all documents and information needed ready and accessible

Using OneNote you have a travel organizer in the cloud – so everything is accessible anytime, anywhere on any device supported by OneNote.

Make sure you have created OneNote pages with:

  • All travel member’s details
  • Any documents needed
  • Money related information
  • Tickets, bookings & contacts etc…

Now get packing

Create packing lists so you don’t forget anything:

  • Clothes
  • Medications
  • Toiletries
  • Gadgets etc…

Places to go, eat, things to see and do

Research and collect information about all the places you want to go to, eat at and see.

You can create OneNote planners for:

  • Places to visit
  • Things to-do
  • For people who like to be organized in detail – create Day planners

We’ve created a Vacation Organizer template so you can plan your vacation end-to-end to see and do more!