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Hey reader.

OneNote has introduced several new features and improvements in 2024 to enhance your note-taking experience:

Enhanced Inking and Text Pen Features: You can now convert handwriting to text with natural gestures like strikethroughs for selecting text and scribbles for deletions. There are also new tools for better annotation and drawing

Text Prediction: Inline text predictions help you write faster by suggesting the next word or phrase based on the context, similar to features in Outlook and Word​.

New Layout Options: The vertical tabs layout from OneNote for the web, Mac, and iPad is now available on OneNote for Windows, providing a familiar navigation experience.

Microsoft 365 Copilot Integration: This AI-powered feature assists with drafting plans, summarizing notes, generating ideas, and organizing information, making note-taking more efficient.

Improved Sticky Notes App: The new Sticky Notes app offers color customization, automatic source capture, and easy taskbar pinning, enhancing note management on Window.

Loop Integration: Real-time collaborative components from Microsoft Loop can now be pasted directly into OneNote from tools like Teams, Word, and Outlook, facilitating seamless collaboration within your notes​.

Ink Stickiness with Images and PDFs: Your annotations now stick to images and PDFs, allowing for seamless organization and note-taking​.

Stream Video Previews: You can now preview Stream videos directly within OneNote without switching applications, maintaining focus and productivity​.

Teams Integration: Teams can now be integrated with OneNote, adding a notes tab to new channels automatically and simplifying organization within collaborative workspaces.

And while you're upgrading your OneNote experience, don't miss out on our exclusive collection of free and professional OneNote templates. Tailored to complement OneNote's functionalities, our templates are your gateway to unparalleled organization and efficiency.

Happy Note-Taking,

- Steve & the Team from Auscomp

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