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Scan documents on the phone and send them to OneNote
I have a question for you reader.

How do you store all of your important documents?

Do you print them off and file them away in a filing cabinet? Or maybe keep a copy digitally scanned? Or maybe both.

Have you considered OneNote for file storage?

If you've been with us for a while now you should already have a system of important notes neatly organised within OneNote for your convenience.

So why not take the natural next step?

If you're smart you already keep your a digital copy of important information.

But did you know there's a hassle-free way to store a digital scan in OneNote... right from your phone?

All you need to do is scan a document with your phone and it will instantly send a copy straight to your OneNote.

Let me show you how...

It's as simple as downloading an app.

- Steve & the Team from Auscomp

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