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reader, you know we love a good OneNote hack so this week we've hand-selected our 28 absolute all-time favorites.

Every single trick we share WILL HELP YOU be more efficient in managing and creating your notebooks.

Keep this list handy (maybe print it) and you'll have an arsenal of time-saving tricks to handle your affairs, ideas, schedules or whatever OneNote does for you, in half the time.

Here's a sneak peek ...

OneNote Snap to grid hack

Perhaps insignificant to the untrained eye, but when 28 of these little golden nuggets are stacked together, you might notice a significant difference, reader.

If that sounds intriguing, and you're serious about optimizing your notebooks, click here to unlock the top 28 (hand-selected) tips & tricks for efficient OneNote users.

- Steve & the Team from Auscomp

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