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Hey reader,

If you use Outlook, you know how irritating it is to retype important details from an email to your organisation system.

It’s simply time-consuming. And definitely not something a productive person like you should have to do.

Great Tips on How to Use OneNote with Outlook

Now that you’re using OneNote as your primary organisation tool, you probably didn’t know you could manipulate this effective TRICK within Outlook to gain back a whole lot of convenience.

You can use it to instantly schedule meetings, highlight vital tasks or even take notes without ever having to leave the safety of an email.

No tab switching for you!

All you need to do is link your OneNote & Outlook together… Properly.

And we SHOW you how with 5 comprehensive tips for merging.

Don’t waste any more time copy-pasting vital information just to stay on top of work.

- Steve from Auscomp

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